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The 1996 Las Vegas shooting was a tragedy that took 2Pac’s life. To this day, the events surrounding this incident are not fully known and controversial. Various key witnesses and people at the crime scene had been tight lipped toward the police, while over the years various gang members have come forward claiming they had been ordered to kill Tupac.

Boxing Match

The Tyson vs. Seldon boxing match was held on Saturday, September 7, 1996. While the fight lasted less than 2 minutes, 2pac and Suge left the boxing match afterwards.

In a prior incident at a Lakewood Mall, a Crip gang member, Orlando Anderson, stole a medallion from a Death Row member. Tupac and other entourage members were found at the scene punching and kicking the burglar. It is speculated that the gang retaliated with this incident by doing a drive by with Tupac and Suge as the target. Allegedly after the shooting they came into some money, and the possibility of a pay off for some role in the shooting is possible. Orlando Anderson denied being involved in the shooting, he was later shot 2 years later in an incident outside a carwash.

MGM Security Video

Coincidence #1:
Tupac’s body guards were not allowed to carry guns because the permits were not sent ahead of time, an admin “mistake” by Death Row.

Coincidence #2:
Frank Alexander ended up driving Tupac and Suge in a newly purchased black BMW car with reportedly no/little gas and no weapon. Around 10pm, after they went back to their hotel, they headed toward Club 662

Coincidence #3:
Just Prior to the shooting they were stopped by police for “loud” music. This could have been used as a planned timing for the drive-by-shooting.

After the police let Suge and Tupac go, they stopped at a red light at headed East on Flamingo road where they stopped for a red light at Koval Lane, half mile from the Strip. One car pulled up a car-length ahead to the right and Kadafi, Frank and EDI were in the car behind them. A jeep full of girls pulled up to the left and got Suge and Tupac’s attention, and that’s when it happened.

The Shooting

To be continued….