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Tupac Amuru Shakur, was a famous rapper, actor, and activist during the early 90s. He had a talent for writing powerful lyrics about relavent topics and tragedies; which can only be described as “Thug Life”. By the age of 24, he became one of the most prolific rappers selling over 75 million albums.

A lot of his favorite books growing up were books from prominent black activits including Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. He even studied the writings of Shakespear! If you listen closely to his music, you can hear these types of influences in his works.

2Pac rapped about the hardships and struggles in life. His music incorporated themes of living in the street, thug life, violence, and police brutality among others. Other rappers were indirectly rapping about these things at the time, but not like Pac. His infamous remarks toward the police (pigs), women (bitches and hoes), and questioning American society in general (white system) made him the target of the media, and US government. I personally enjoy his songs spoke as they speak directly about the hardships/frusterations, and also of hope. For Tupac, these struggles were about living as a black male in American society.

What is most compelling about this rapper is that his potential was not realized. At the age of 25 he was murdered in an unsolved shooting in September 7, 1996. To put that into perspective, at 25 Martin Luther King was just a baptist minister. At 25, Malcolm X was hoodloom and burgler. Had 2Pac survived, one could only guess how much of influence he could have had. As long as his music lives, 2Pac should forever live with us.